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Requisition Of Funds For Bilateral Complex Hips And Knee Joints Replacement

I am Rumun Tion who have been a sickle cell anemia with diagnosis since a toddler, and i have had numerous episode of sickle cell crisis which i experience till date. On the 23rd of April i had another episode of crisis so chronic that i am let with deformities at the moment, but hopeful to stand walking again even as to unify, harmonize and uplifting all of humanity. The history of my inability to move both hips and knee joints began as aforementioned with sickle cell crisis associated with marked restrictions of going about my daily activities such as walking, sitting down, and dressing up myself. X-ray examination showed a young man ambulating with a forward stooping gait and both knees in fixed flexion deformities. I also have marked restriction of range of motions across both hips and knee joints with avascular necrosis of both femoral heads with ankylosis of both hips and knee joints aw well as severe osteoporosis of both joints, and x-ray showed of the lumbar spine done also showed ankylosis of the lumbar vertebrae column. Thus a diagnosis of ankylosis sponcytilis witha multiple joint ankylosis on the background of sickle cell disease all proved, and yet confirmed i will benefit from total bilateral complex autoplastic surgery. And though i am of no financial surplus, i trust for you to save a soul, both in kind, in words and prayers. Thank you
Created on 18th April, 2019

Rumun Tion

Category: Medical

Country: Nigeria

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