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Building Kitchens To Feed The Poor In Under-developed Areas

The purpose of this fundraising is to assist our Organization in embarking on our Feed-The-Poor-Weekly Project.

About the project: This project is focused on the poor in under-developed areas who cannot afford to feed or feed on a balanced meal due to their low financial capacity.

With this project,we intend building a kitchen in their neighborhood where we would prepare balanced meal with fruits once every week.We also give out some food items to sustain them during the week.

This project will be established all over Africa to eradicate malnutrition and decrease death rate among those living in under-developed Areas while teaching them skills to make money from the resources around them!

We would appreciate your partnership in this project to touch the lives of the poor and add meaning to their lives.No support is too small.

Thank you!

Created on 30th March, 2019

Nancy Ikechukwu

on behalf of Give-It Africa Initiative

Category: NGO

Country: Nigeria

$18 raised from $5,000 goal

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