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Crop Production Farming

The reasons for this fund raising is beyond self empowerment but also community empowerment because the youths in our farm location will benefit in diverse ways.  I have passed through different trainings both private and government on Agribusiness and have acquired enough knowledge to setup a  working farm. 

Some of these problems can be solved or reduced to a minimum level.

1.  The problem of food crisis in our community, L.G.A, State and Nigeria at large coupled with the plaguing effects of malnutrition, hunger and under feeding can be solved.

2. It has been identified that exploring opportunities in Crop production such as Cassava/Maize farming will help provide employment opportunities to youths, improve rural economy, boost the Nigerian economy at large.

Created on 24th April, 2019

Njoku Ikechukwu

Category: Business

Country: Nigeria

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