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Terms & Conditions

Last updated: 5th March, 2019 10:48 pm

iSavedHer Group Rules 

  1. We are one family, love and treat everyone in the group as you would to a family member.
  2. You should not insult or use abusive words on a fellow member in the group, respect everybody. Offenders will be shown the EXIT door.
  3. iSavedHer is not a Religious group, therefore Religious posts, discussions or broadcast messages are not allowed in the group. Offenders will be shown the EXIT door.
  4. iSavedHer is not a Political group, therefore Political posts, discussions or broadcast messages are not allowed in the group. Offenders will be shown the EXIT door.
  5. iSavedHer is not a porn or pornographic group therefore nude pictures, videos or any other sexually explicit content will not be tolerate in the group. Offenders will be shown the EXIT door and can never be re-added to the group.
  6. iSavedHer is not a Sport Betting or Trading group therefore sports discussions are not allowed in the group. Offenders will be removed from the group.
  7. We welcome discussions only on the following topics iSavedHer, TruexGOLD, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Ethereum, USDT, Litcoin or any other crypto-currency which shall be used as a means of payment for donations on iSavedHer website. Offenders will be cautioned.
  8. Asking for financial assistance openly on the group is not allowed; however, you can create an iSavedHer account and do so in a more formal way accepted by the iSavedHer community. Offenders will be cautioned.
  9. Inciting members through hate speech or any other means to leave the group will not be tolerated. However, you are FREE to leave the group at any time you wish to do so. But, you should inform the Admin before leaving in any case you want to be added back sometime in future. Offenders will not be re-added to the group, unless where the admin have enough reason to believe such action was a technical fault from whatsapp or the user’s phone.
  10. We may hold webinars or conference video calls from time to time, members who wish to attend MUST be properly dressed and leave their cameras on. Members found wanting will be ejected from the meeting.
  11. Every member is expected to have Perfect money, Bitcoin, CoinPayments, iSavedHer and TruexGOLD account as they will be used from time to time in the course of our discussions.
  12. Leaving the group immediately after an argument is an insult to every member of the group and as such, the member will not be added back except proper apology is tendered to the group.
  13. Ignorance of any of the rules above will not be accepted as a valid excuse should you be found guilty.
  14. iSavedHer reserves the right to add, modify or remove any of the above rules in future.

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